Equipping people to be Real followers of Jesus

We're about Jesus and the people that need to know him
Our church is just one extension, one part, of a greater mission that encompasses the globe. We are a church of authentic followers of Jesus that have a clear purpose. And that purpose involves everyone who is affected by our ministry. We try our best to teach people about Jesus, equipping them with the knowledge that can draw them into an understanding of who Jesus is and how great He is.

We accomplish this mission with these distinctive values:

  1. Relevance – We believe that the local church should offer the real Gospel in such a way that is winsome and understandable to the broader culture. We are committed to Real connection and thoughtful dialogue.
  2. Excellence – We are admonished in Scripture to do all that we do to for the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31). Our desire is that our teaching, programs, music, and outreaches are done to the best of our abilities; all for His glory.
  3. Authenticity – Today, their are many disingenuous “believers,” who claim to be Christians,  but certainly don’t live the lives of Real Jesus followers. One of the many reasons young people don’t come to church is because they believe Christians are hypocritical. We are committed to raising up authentic followers of Jesus, who live out their faith. We desire to cultivate a safe atmosphere of honesty and transparency, in which we can admit our imperfections. Christians still stumble; it is important that we are open and honest, rather than acting like we always have it all together. We desire to have an environment of openness and reconciliation.
  4. Love – We love God and we love people. Our main focus in life is to glorify God; especially with our treatment of other people. We are concerned about the physical and spiritual needs of others. Our desire is to minister to all people, meeting their needs as God enables us. Having a Real love.

If reading this causes something to resonate within you, we’d love you to consider coming to a service. It would be our joy and privilege to get the chance to talk to you and hear your story.