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Family Night – Wednesdays at 7pm

We invite you to join us on Wednesday evenings for family night. The kids meet in the Fellowship Hall, the youth meet downstairs, and the adults meet in the main Sanctuary for Bible Study.

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    There are many great churches in Richmond, KY and we are glad that you are reaching out for information about ours. Check out the Facebook page for more by-the-minute updates.

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    At Real Life Community Church we savor the Bible. Each week you will hear a powerful, expository sermon aimed at inspiring and challenging you in your walk with the Lord.

    Small Groups

    Small groups at Real Life are your chance to connect with people who have the same needs for community and togetherness as you. We sit around our Bibles and share life with each other, bringing about the best versions of ourselves as we live to look like Christ. View the Small Groups that Real Life members are offering.

    What to expect at Real Life

    A typical service opens with worship music and singing, with some time for announcements, offering and prayer thereafter. Then we’re taught directly from the Bible through expository preaching. After the sermon, we like to end our time together responding to God, again through music and song. Our Sunday service runs about an hour and fifteen in length, but we love to enjoy an informal time of fellowship before and after each service. 10:45am-12pm

    God welcomes us as we are, but sometimes a person just wants to know what to wear. Formal and informal attire is all acceptable and we have members who dress both ways. Whether it’s jeans and a t-shirt or a business suit, you are welcome to worship alongside us. We know that a lot of churches in Richmond, Kentucky have different views of this, but we rather you come with the right heart than shoes.

    Humans have songs for every occasion and mood; so it is when we are at church.

    We sing songs about God; and the myriad of truths relating us to Him. There’s a little something for every musical taste at Real Life, but it all centers around praising God. Worship services happen at the church in Richmond, KY in the main sanctuary at the beginning of most services and the end. Worship with us if you can.

    We have an incredible kids ministry at Real Life, with leaders who are dedicated to teaching children Biblical truths in fun and exciting ways. Your child’s safety, while at church,  is of the utmost importance to us. All of our leaders have current background checks and our health and safety coordinator makes sure that all activities are as safe as possible. While you enjoy the services, you can rest assured that your child is in great hands!

    We have a team of wonderful leaders, committed to training up teenagers to be Real Followers of Jesus. With a great balance between fun and serious teaching, your student will be well taken care of.

    Youth service is on Wednesday nights from 7-8. Each month is packed with other activities, giving students an opportunity for fellowship and Christian community. At Real Life, we are blessed with an amazing Fine Arts department, and our leaders are continually pouring into the teenagers to equip and empower them in the Arts as well.

    You’ll want to check out our welcome table to get a little more acquainted with our church and grab a VIP Welcome Folder. In it, you’ll find out about many of the ministries we have. Also, plan to stay afterwards so our Pastors can introduce themselves. There is always snacks and a parting gift too.

    Planning a visit? You’ll want to check out our welcome table to get a little more acquainted with our church and grab a VIP Welcome Folder. In it, you’ll find out about many of the ministries we have. Also, plan to stay afterward so our Pastor and his wife can introduce themselves. There are always snacks and a parting gift too.

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