Chris May - October 6, 2021

Revelation Part 5

From Series: "Revelation "

Revelation can be confusing, but it is meant to be a blessing. It was not written to us, but it is written for us. Join us as we look at the historical context of this wonderful book. Through this series, you will learn: ✅ How to properly interpret Revelation. ✅ Misunderstandings about the “Rapture.” ✅ Answers regarding the Mark of the Beast. ✅ The meaning of symbols and numbers in Revelation. ✅ How to prepare for Christ’s return. ✅ And much more!

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Real Life takes seriously its view of the Bible and the necessity of living by it. No Bible, no Christian. It is by this conviction that we try to serve our community through our church’s missionEquipping people to be Real followers of Jesus. Without the Bible, it is impossible to have anyone follow Jesus.

Our Services and Sermons mimic that truth. If the Bible is applicable to life and necessary for change, then we must huddle around it and see what it is saying. Our Sunday sermons are useful for every person in every season of life. Throughout a given year, it is our goal that the sermons given will have helped edify the entire church. The Bible is for everyone and we try our best to present the Bible.

Here is a list of every sermon available to you from Real Life. This list is updated weekly and above you can sort and find sermons as they are useful for you. You can also follow the podcast by searching for ‘Real Life Community Church’ on iTunes or your preferred podcast apps.

We pray these sermons are beneficial to your continued growth in Jesus.

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