Snow Removal – OnCall Volunteers

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On our Christmas Wishlist:

We’ve enjoyed some fairly warm weather so far, but we can’t expect it to stay like this. We have some shovel-ready jobs that we could use some help with.

The Skinny

Sunday Mornings are important. They are one of two times a week that we know that most of the Church will be together. This is important, not only for keeping people on-top of upcoming events, but mainly because we live and grow together in these Services. So we need to ensure, rain, shine or snow, that we are ready to go.

Volunteers would help:

  • With clearing light snow in the event of a snow fall
  • With laying down ice-melt to ensure safe walkways
  • Make sure that our sloped entrances are clear for cars and vehicles
  • Enjoy coffee in the kitchen until service

Not Expected to:

  • Remove large amounts of snow; large snowfalls would require us to contract out snow removal with a local company
  • Clear the whole lot; we just want to make sure that there are walk ways cleared to the entrances and that the slopes of the front lot are ready for traffic.

We’d love to have a crew out at 7am on Sundays to clear the initial snow, and then to swing back around by 9am to make sure conditions are safe for our early morning volunteers. Join our list of volunteers with two clicks and an email. We don’t expect to need you all too often, just when we need it!