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Read Acts Chapter 4

Most believers know the importance of sharing the Gospel with those who are far from God. I would dare say that most Christians want to be better about sharing Christ with others. However, as we know, the Gospel message is often faced with much opposition, which often causes us to retreat. How do we continue with the proclamation of the Gospel, even in the face of resistance or even hostility?

The good news is, we aren’t the first generation to wrestle with this question. In Acts 4, these first-century Christians are facing great persecution and are being threatened not to teach (or do anything) in the name of Jesus.

As you continue to read through the book of Acts, you will find that the apostles did not back down from the proclamation of the Gospel, even when their very lives were at stake. I believe we can be encouraged by their perseverance and can certainly learn from their example.
The following discussion questions are designed to help you think through the practical implications of our text. May the Lord help us all to be doers of His Word.

Discussion Questions

1) Describe the men who opposed Peter and John in the temple. Why were they frustrated with the apostles?

2) In Acts 4, Peter has to stand before the Sanhedrin (the Jewish High Council). From what we read about him in the Gospels, how has he changed? What accounts for this change?

3) How can the changes in Peter’s life encourage us in our efforts to reach those who are far from God with the Gospel?

4) What roles does prayer play in evangelism?

5) How does the Holy Spirit protect us from both insecurity and pride in our endeavors to win others to Christ?

Bonus: How does the Gospel protect us from both insecurity and pride?