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Dinner of the Despised

Matthew | Part 32 | The Calling of Matthew

January 23, 2022


Main Text: Matthew 9:9-17


Three Responses to Jesus’ Ministry


I. Tax Collectors and Sinners: Respond ____________________v. 9



-Jesus _______________ those who others ______________.




-The Gospel is Radically ________________


– The Gospel Demands __________________


Matthew 4:17

Luke 5:27-28



v. 10 | The Grace of God is mean to flow _______________ Us.




II. The Religious Leaders: Respond _____________________v. 11



Jesus’ Response: V. 12, 13



A) It is the Sick Who Need a Physician



B) God Desires Mercy, Not Sacrifice




C) Jesus Came NOT to Call the Righteous, but Sinners



Mark 10:18, Romans 3:10, Ps. 14:1-3, 53:1-3



III. John the Baptist’s Disciples: Respond __________________ v. 14-17



A) Wedding



B) An Old Garment



C) Old Wineskins








1) How is the Gospel (the Good News of Jesus) Inclusive?


2) How has your life been noticeably transformed since following Jesus?


3) How do you associate with non-Christians? How do they associate with you?


4) What, if any, extrabiblical rules/regulations have you tried to mix with Christianity?