Same Sermon. Different Time & Atmosphere.

Due to recent growth in church attendance, we are adding a second Sunday service, which will launch on October 2nd.

Why Sunday Night?

Several of our members either have to work Sunday mornings or are involved in ministries outside of the sanctuary, precluding them from being involved in Sunday corporate worship. An evening service will allow them to assemble with other believers on the Lord’s Day.

Same Message

The messages will be the same as Sunday mornings, mainly because the service is intended for those unable to attend morning adult worship.

Different Atmosphere

Evening services will be held in the fellowship hall (until we outgrow it). We will start with a simple meal at 6:30 pm, and will begin a one-hour worship service at 7 pm. The time of worship will include the sermon, communion, and one or two worship songs and prayer. Following prayer, we will spend about 10 minutes talking through discussion questions related to the sermon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email 


Childcare will be provided for children under five years of age.