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Message: “Part 7” from Chris May

Chris May - August 6, 2017

Part 7


In 'Part 7' of our series we discuss the Reason, the Reality, and the Result of the Cross. Our greatest need is justification. All of us have gaps in our goodness. We may seem like we are generally good as a person but upon real and honest reflection it becomes obvious that we are selfish people who have a track record of sin and extortion. Since that's the case, justification is our greatest need.

In this message we find the pivotal difference that many do not understand; Relying on law and relying on faith are completely different. We can't be perfect to get to God so He must come to us. Jesus assumed the curse that we earned and He gave us His righteousness which He earned by being the perfect Son.

Scripture References: Galatians 3:10-14

From Series: "Galatians"

Real Life is starting in a multi-week series through the book of Galatians, Paul's great Epistle (pastoral letter) to the churches near and around Galatia. Paul's primary concern is bring the church back to an understanding that the Gospel not only brings people to salvation, but the Gospel is the very essence of Christianity everyday for every Christian. You don't graduate from the Gospel. This particular church was very quick to add things to the Gospel. Such as new and old rules that would have caused the church to find reconciliation with God through their good doing instead of Christ's (Jesus') atoning work on our behalf. They were flipping the need to good deeds and works with their need to be changed and saved by the Gospel. This Epistle serves as a reminder, even to the modern church, that Jesus is enough. The Gospel is good news yesterday, today, and for the rest of life here on earth.

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