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Message: “Part 10” from Chris May

Chris May - August 27, 2017

Part 10


In 'Part 10' of our series we reenforce that Christianity is not about rule keeping; though people have reduced it to that. It is about Christ.

Law based Christianity and religion is a miserable place to live. People who have spent any time at all in a church can see how living a wild and sinful life can be a miserable one. John 8:38 informs us that those who practice sin are slaves to sin. This being a slave to something is where our disappointment and oppression come in.

And it's the same with legalism and law based religion. You are given a list of rules from figures in your childhood, maybe from a preacher, and are left to just follow every single on. Anxiety is a constant because you have to live up to every expectation that has ever been given to you. 'Live like this', 'don't go there', 'can't watch that film', etc.

The truth is that living for Legalism's sake is miserable. Just as miserable, if not more, than living in blatant sin. It is oppressive and restrictive and shadows a huge blind spot in your life. It's hard to see the reality of your sin when you are living under legalism. It's just the truth.

Relationship or Christ based Christianity is all about the person and work of Christ. It's about resting in the fact that He sets us free, He redeems us, He gives grace upon grace. We no longer have to earn this, we just get to love and treasure Jesus. We are freed up to seek Him in His word and through prayer. We get to be moved with love and compassion and not because we are told to by some preacher. We are free!

Scripture References: Galatians 4:8-11

From Series: "Galatians"

Real Life is starting in a multi-week series through the book of Galatians, Paul's great Epistle (pastoral letter) to the churches near and around Galatia. Paul's primary concern is bring the church back to an understanding that the Gospel not only brings people to salvation, but the Gospel is the very essence of Christianity everyday for every Christian. You don't graduate from the Gospel. This particular church was very quick to add things to the Gospel. Such as new and old rules that would have caused the church to find reconciliation with God through their good doing instead of Christ's (Jesus') atoning work on our behalf. They were flipping the need to good deeds and works with their need to be changed and saved by the Gospel. This Epistle serves as a reminder, even to the modern church, that Jesus is enough. The Gospel is good news yesterday, today, and for the rest of life here on earth.

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