Discipleship in Richmond, KY

Discipleship is immensely important to our leaders at Real Life. The Biblical mandate is not to make mere converts, but to make disciples. Yes, making disciples presupposes that conversions will take place, but the process of discipleship goes so much deeper.

Often, we celebrate the salvation of new converts, and then we leave them to teach themselves. This would be like celebrating the birth of a new baby and then leaving it to fend for itself. As a result, many churches are replete with biblically-illiterate converts. This is dangerous! People are confused today—maybe more than ever— about what the truth is. We must become more intentional about training up believers to be disciples, that they may know the truths of God’s Word.

A disciple, in its simplest form, is one who follows a teacher. In the Bible, the original disciples referred to  Jesus as “Master.” They dropped everything to follow Him; He transformed their lives. A disciple of Christ is one who knows, understands, and follows the teachings of Jesus. We are called to go into the world and preach gospel, so that more and more people will call Him “Master.” When that happens our job is not complete: our duty is to help them understand and to follow the teachings of Jesus (i.e. the whole Bible).

Pastor Chris's Message on Discipleship

Small Groups

Midweek Service

Discipleship on Wednesdays | 7pm - 8pm

Halftime for Kids

Kids, 5 – 11, will enjoy a warm meal followed by Bible Study, Music, and Crafts. Parents always know what we are studying, so they can talk though those truths throughout the week with their children.

Real Life Youth

Students, 12 – 18, meet in our youth room (located in the church basement). They will be inspired through a relevant message and heartfelt discussion. We believe church should be formative, not just fun. Older students will learn fundamental Biblical doctrines and a good defense of the faith, preparing them for college and/or the work force when their beliefs are challenged.

Adult Bible Study

We enjoy going deep into God’s Word on Wednesday evenings. Beginning in February of 2018, we will be going through some of the Fundamental Truths of our Fellowship. Bring your Bible, and join us on Wednesdays at 7!