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Seven Ways to Glorify God in Your Work | Part 5 | Walk in Integrity

This week, we are considering how we can glorify God in our work. Today’s focus is learning to honor God by walking in integrity. 

Hypocrisy amongst Christians is one of the top reasons the non-religious are turned off by Christianity. Many who claim to be believers think, speak, and act no differently than the world. To be sure, none of us live perfectly by Biblical standards, but there should be a distinctive way in which we conduct our lives. Paul says as much to the church in Ephesus, compelling them to walk in a manner worthy of their calling (Ephesians 4:1). The Bible implores all believers to walk in godliness and integrity. What does this look like practically?

1) Don’t Steal.

Some of you may think that this should go without saying. I doubt any of you are taking money from the cash register. But you could be stealing in another way–namely, by time theft. 

According to research from Salary.com, 89% of employees waste at least some time at work every day. 31% waste about 30 minutes, while the top 10% waste three or more hours daily. Economists estimate that American companies lose 20% of every dollar due to employee time theft. 20% of every dollar due to employee time theft. Let that sink in. 

Part of walking in integrity is doing the job our employers ask us to do for the amount of time we are on the clock. Companies are not paying us to be on social media, to take personal calls, or to stand by the water cooler for two hours a day. 

2) Tell the Truth

Another seemingly obvious point, but you may lie more than you think. In his book ‘12 Rules for Life’ (2020), clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson gives a personal testimony regarding his journey in learning to tell the truth. At some point in his young adult years, he divided himself into two parts: one that spoke and one that listened and judged. What he found was appalling: almost everything he said was a lie! From that point on, Peterson committed to always telling the truth, or at least not to lie.

I highly recommend listening to what you say to others. You may be shocked at what you find. 

Paul implores the believers at Ephesus to put off falsehood and to speak the truth (Ephesians 4:28). Part of walking in godliness and integrity involves honesty. 

3) Refuse to Gossip 

There is almost nothing more detrimental to an organization than gossip and slander. 

Dave Ramsey defines gossip as “…discussing anything negative with someone who can’t help solve the problem”. Gossip crushes churches, destroys businesses, and demolishes relationships (Prov. 16:28). When we have issues with coworkers, we must go to them privately. 

It is easy to get caught up in the cesspool of gossip. Run from it. Don’t entertain it. When someone starts a conversation with, “Don’t tell anyone that I told you this,” it would be wise to walk away. 

There are many other particulars that we could discuss that relate to integrity. The bottom line is that our words and actions should line up with who we claim to be. May we strive to glorify God at work by walking in integrity. 



Peterson, J. B. (2020). 12 Rules for Life: An antidote to chaos. Vintage Canada.